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With Pillow Tok


Hi! We're Nick and Shihui, the husband and wife team behind Pillow Tok. We created it to serve as a fun tool for singles and couples to explore what commitment, love, and relationships mean to them. We share three ways Pillow Tok can help with your wedding preparations.

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  1. Help people have meaningful conversations about commitment, love, and relationships

  2. Foster greater understanding between couples

  3. Help singles discern and make good relationships choices


Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, the play mechanic is simple:

  1. Pick a card and ask a question

  2. Everyone answers

  3. Ask follow-up questions

  4. Pick a new card


Before you start planning for your wedding, play Pillow Tok to build strong foundations in your relationship.

Use Pillow Tok to open up meaningful conversations with your partner about your values and priorities as a couple. Take the opportunity to talk about your hopes, dreams, and expectations, as well as the practical aspects of starting a life together. 

The following cards might help:


Whether you're celebrating in a church, at a lunch venue, or a hotel ballroom, Pillow Tok can help guests experience your wedding in creative and communicative ways. 

  • Use Pillow Tok cards as meaningful prompts for family/friends who've been asked to give speeches.

  • Curate Pillow Tok cards at the craft table to help guests pen their well-wishes or artwork.

  • Scatter Pillow Tok cards on banquet tables to spark meaningful conversations about love and relationships.

The following cards might help:


Have your guests depart with a thoughtful memento from your wedding. Pillow Tok isn't just a deck of cards but a lifetime of meaningful conversations to strengthen relationships.

Use the promo code 'oneeyeclick' to get a bulk rate for Pillow Tok when ordering 10 or more decks ($25.00 per piece instead of $39.90).*

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Pillow Tok Booster Pack


Pillow Tok Booster Pack