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Nick Pang is the founder of Starknicked and the creator of the Smol Tok universe. 


His work is inspired by Viktor Frankl’s autobiography, Man’s Search for Meaning. Also the co-founder of Origame, he draws upon his background in communications and theology to create board games and social tools that drive conversations, curiosity, and change.



Smol Tok is an ice-breaking and community-building card game designed to grow meaningful conversations, trust, and relationships - minus the bullshit. Every card is a question, and every question a peek into what makes us human.

Smol Tok employs a tiered system of 
questions to distil player’s memories, 
experiences, and values into meaning 
and purpose.


Starknicked is a Singaporean company that is obsessed about playing with meaning. It designs and publishes analogue games, and facilitates play experiences to connect players with themselves and each other. 

Starknicked clinched Gold at the Singapore Design Awards 2018/19 in the corporate category for Image Making.

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