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Covid-19 is disrupting the way we live, work, play, rest, and communicate. With the circuit breaker in effect, take time to reflect on all the changes that you and your team are experiencing. 

This deck contains 69 cards to help groups and teams acclimatise and adapt to the New Normal. It's designed to be played in small groups of 4-6 players, over instant messaging, voice, or video call. 

* New Normal cards may not flip when tapped for certain iPhones users. We refer these users to the desktop page for optimal viewing. 


Before starting your teleconference, set aside 10-15 minutes for your team to check-in.

  1. As the host or convener of the call, you play the role of facilitator.

  2. State the Ground Rules for play (next slide).

  3. Select a card set (below) that's relevant to your teleconference. 

  4. Browse and select a card to play. Take a screenshot of the card or share screen.

  5. Invite 2-3 players to take turns sharing their responses (preferably players who haven't had the chance to share before).

  6. Anyone may ask follow-up questions at any time. 

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