Do you like coffee? I love it. And I love the clear-headedness that comes along with drinking it. Percolate is the Smol Tok equivalent of coffee. It's a living and evolving expansion to help players think clearer and decide better.

It's free to download and share, and comes in sets of seven cards that focus on basic activities such as buying, talking, or problem-solving.

* New Normal cards may not flip when tapped for certain iPhones users. We refer these users to the desktop page for optimal viewing. 



  1. Sanity-check yourself

  2. Find clarity

  3. Choose confidently


Use Percolate before you take an action or decision, or as an after-action review. Percolate gets you into the habit of making choices intentionally.

  1. Pick a card set in Percolate that corresponds with your current situation.

  2. Use the questions sequentially, starting with cards at level 1 and ending with level 3. 

  3. Observe what you're thinking, feeling, or saying as you're answering these questions.

  4. Cycle through the questions until you're clear about your choices.

  5. Share your considerations and decision with a trusted confidant if necessary.



Considerations before or after you make a purchase, online and offline.

Updated on 22 Apr 2020



Considerations before or after you speak

Updated on 22 Apr 2020



Considerations before applying for or accepting a job offer

Updated on 22 Apr 2020



For online teleconferencing platforms.




  1. Set your viewing option of participants on Gallery Mode. This is ideal so that you are able to view everyone present in the conversation.

  2. Unmute yourself throughout the conversation. This is ideal as hearing participants’ organic reactions to responses would help everyone stay present in the conversation.

  3. Enable your video as much as possible, if your data/bandwidth allows for it. This helps in building trust and connection. However, practice compassion and discretion for sensitive topics where players may not feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera.