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Designed for Youth Corps Singapore

Common Ground is a customised expansion of Smol Tok specially designed for Youth Corps Singapore to help its volunteers carry out ground-up initiatives, and learn by leading in self-organising teams.

42 cards serve as verbal cues to ground and guide volunteers at different stages of their journey.


  1. Grow in empathy towards less fortunate members of society

  2. Collaborate on and carry out ground-up initiatives in self-organising teams

  3. Reflect and learn from service-related experiences



Common Ground casts the spotlight on key questions that often go unasked or unanswered. Cards contain questions and missions to help volunteers develop relationships, discover social needs, and develop solutions at different stages in the journey, such as:

  • Ice-breaking

  • Discovering the Community

  • Diagnosing Needs

  • Designing an Initiative

  • Briefing Volunteers

  • Debriefing Volunteers


Questions that raise inconvenient or ignored truths early in the design process.


Questions are accompanied by missions. There are 7 different mission types that teams execute in a directed way to develop their initiatives.


Questions for facilitators to tease out learning points and help volunteers connect the dots. 



Common Ground is exclusively available at Youth Corps Singapore. Email The Red Box to find out more about this booster pack and its impact.

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