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Diversity by Default (DBD) is the eighth deck in the Smol Tok universe.


It contains 60 cards that are designed to create meaningful conversations around race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability, and mental health.

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Smol Tok’s Diversity by Default (DBD) is a community-building tool designed to create meaningful conversations about diversity, discrimination, and inclusion. Playing it offers participants the opportunity to develop useful distinctions, grammar, and vocabulary to embrace and express the different layers of our identity. 

It was interesting to take a peak into our individual lived experiences to see that despite the diversity in experiences, the underlying themes of human connection, belonging, acceptance and expression were universal.

Santosh Kumar


ICCS19 fireside with president halimah y



DBD was published after nearly two years of development, with the help of over 200 playtesters:

Abdullah Ahmad, Acmal Zuheyr, Aderyn Kang, Aisyah Sani, Arun Mohan, Ashraf Yusoff, Athena Kong, Carolyn Street, Celine Yong, Charis Lim Ting Qi, Charles Pau, Cheang Huixin, Chen Jui Hsin, Chermain Ang, Christine Yong, Chua Lily, Chung Chiew Lai, Cole Casper, Danial Afiq, Desmond Ng, Devanantthan Devan, Dian Permata Putri, Donna Yeo, Elill Mathiyan, Elisa Lim, Elizabeth Teo, Emmanuel Joseph Victor, Erwin Susanto, Esther Kwan, Ethel Pang, Genevieve Goh, Gloria Tan, Haris Hussain, Hayley Lim, Heng Li Seng, Ho Shu En, Isabella Faith Ong Fei Yi, Janessa Yu, Jason Kang, Jason Salim, Jei Pua, Jerome Tan Jun Kiat, Jethro Peck Zhi Wei, Josephine Liardon, Kaezeel Yeo, Karla Magbanua, Kavitha Kapur, Khairul Hilmi, Kong Jieyi, Leong Jenn Yeoong, Liang Kaixiang, Lionel Tan, Lisabelle Tan, Liu En, Liyana Rosli Asmara, Loretta Foo, Luca Farrow, Md Arif Budiman, Michelle Scully, Mohammed Afdhal, Nafla binte Mohamed Yousuf, Nazath Faheema, Ng Jing Wen, Nurul Fatimah, Ong Chun Yeow, Ooi Shuhui, Pauline Javani, Peggy Chong, Phra Goh, Rachel Tan, Rebecca Ho Hwee Tin, Ri Chang, Rianne Meurzec, Rowena Row, Sabrina Ho, Saiful Hamzah, Sajan K, Salima Nadira, Santosh Kumar, Sarah Zilallah, Seow Qiqing, Sherlyn Khong, Shukul Raaj Kumar, Stephanie Gautama, Sue Lightfoot, Tabitha Shepherdson, Tammie Moo, Tan Ding Jie, Trina Chan Xiang Yuan, Victoria Au, Wong Khang Wee Edwin, Yoke Wen Lee,

And the support of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth of the Government of Singapore. 

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