With all our cards and decks at your disposal, we plan, host, and facilitate 6 different types of sessions to help participants experience:


Disconnect to Reconnect

We bring people away to help them detox and disconnect from their devices to reconnect with their inner selves.

For busy people in search of meaning


Try, Fail, Try Again

We bring together people with diverse backgrounds to prototype uncommon solutions for common problems.

For creatives, designers, entrepreneurs, change-makers


Assume Nothing 

We conduct in-depth interviews to gain authentic insights into what people are thinking, feeling, and doing.

For product/programme designers, researchers, and policy-makers. 


Break The Ice 

We mix people in big crowds to generate the most number of connections with the least amount of effort.

For conference participants and event organisers


Build Trust

We facilitate open, honest, and meaningful conversations in small groups to nurture relationships as the basis of community.

For communities and groups of every shape and form


Go Even Deeper

We help couples at different stages of intimacy to explore the meaning of friendship, love, and commitment in a relationship. 

For couples

Select the type of session you'd like to organise or start from scratch. Let's get people talking.