Search for Meaning


This special deck of cards have been curated into 3 sets. Each card has a number indicating the level of ease in responding to them. We recommend starting at Level 1 and progressing to Level 2 and 3. 


  1. Browse and select a card to play.

  2. Take a screenshot of the card or share screen. Invite 2-3 players to take turns sharing their responses (preferably players who haven't had the chance to share before).

  3. Anyone may ask follow-up questions at any time.


How we play is just as important as why we play. Read the following aloud:


  1. Practice mutuality - The golden rule applies. We respect others as we would like to be respected.

  2. Practice curiosity - This is a place of sharing, listening, and learning. We ask and answer questions with the desire to be understood and to understand, not judge. We come with open minds, open hearts, and open hands. 

  3. Practice humility - We are limited in what we know, say, and do. We come from different backgrounds and speak from different contexts. At the same time, we remain open to all the different perspectives that will be shared.

  4. Practice confidentiality - This is a safe space and we need your help to keep it safe. We share openly and honestly, knowing that our mutual respect for privacy is what enables us to have meaningful conversations.










  1. Set your viewing option of participants on Gallery Mode. This is ideal so that you are able to view everyone present in the conversation.

  2. Unmute yourself throughout the conversation. This is ideal as hearing participants’ organic reactions to responses would help everyone stay present in the conversation.

  3. Enable your video as much as possible, if your data/bandwidth allows for it. This helps in building trust and connection. However, practice compassion and discretion for sensitive topics where players may not feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera.

How did your conversation go? Share your thoughts and feedback with us!