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Top Five 'Firsts' in 2015

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

What word would best describe your 2015?

Mine was…deliberate. In 2015, there were several ‘first time’ experiences I never considered before but consciously welcomed and embraced. Here’s my top 5:

  1. I bought my first stock (and then a few more)

  2. I started my first company and got my first newspaper feature (photo and all)

  3. I read my first 'self-help' book (on essentialism!)

  4. I went on my first backpacking holiday by myself (why didn't I do this earlier?)

  5. I had my first tooth filled (I hope it never happens again)

The backpacking experience is still vivid. I met others who've been on the road for months. 4 individuals stand out. We spent my last days there travelling together. From left to right, Javier's looking at his camera; Stan's in white lying down and looking at Mark who's taking a photo of the moon. And in the foreground, looking very chill, is Loes.

This is memorable. We were all rushing to this spot to catch the sunset. We got there, took a few photos, and went about doing other stuff instead of enjoying the sunset. Loes was the exception. She kept her eye on the prize.

2015 was a little like that. I rushed from goal to goal but never fully savoured the journey or the arrival. This photo reminds me of that.

Which brings me to Essentialism. It's not fair to call it a self-help book. For me, it's an effective kick in the butt to begin my ‘disciplined pursuit of less,’ to de-clutter and design my life to make room for what’s really essential. For some reason, that proposition excites me. The author’s just launched a year-long social experiment at EssentialLive to get folks practicing essentialism. I’ve signed up. I can't give the game away but the first exercise is brilliant.

2016’s going to be epic.


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