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Every Card a Breadcrumb

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

every card a breadcrumb

In about 2 months, the second expansion of Smol Tok will be out. It's called Breadcrumbs. Here's what we can share.

  • It's super-sized. There'll be 72 cards in this booster pack but it'll cost exactly the same as the basic deck (less, if you bulk pre-order).

  • It can be played as a standalone or with Smol Tok and Dun Tok Cok.

  • Breadcrumbs will ship in March but you can playtest or pre-order now.

Breadcrumbs will tap on an area that lies close to the heart of many people, including myself - faith and life. We wanted to open up meaningful conversations about Christianity and how that faith is experienced and expressed in the world today. But more than that, we wanted Breadcrumbs to provide an opportunity for people to talk about faith and life beyond the four walls of the church - with others who are curious but may or may not share the same beliefs/practices.

The core of Breadcrumbs is non-denominational. That means the questions are accessible to anyone who's open to sharing about Christianity, including people from different churches, ages, or levels of faith.

Some Old Stuff, Some New

There'll be three card categories and three difficulty levels in Breadcrumbs. English translations will be appended where necessary and fuller translations will appear in the glossary (like these Singlish ones for Dun Tok Cok).

We've also introduced a few new components in Breadcrumbs to make play more intentional. For starters, we created card sets that are tailored for different types of players/purposes:

  • for everyday Christians

  • in self reflection

  • in group reflection

  • for youth and young adults

  • for non-Christians

  • for Christians from different churches

Every card will be individually marked and numbered to help with referencing. Facilitators can conveniently mix-and-match card sets as a base to build their decks by picking out the corresponding cards. In this way, every deck and card will have a place and a purpose.

Our hope is to have pockets full of Breadcrumbs and conversations full of meaning.

We'll be sharing more updates in the coming weeks, including some of the final artwork.

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