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#QNOTD January

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

With Pillow Tok making its rounds, we wanted to find out what players had to say in response to the questions. In this Question of the Day (#QNOTD) Segment, Joyce, who has been married for nine years, shares some of her surprise in her relationship with her husband.


Waltz in Wonder card: What surprised or continues to surprise you about your relationship?

It’s so hard to choose just one question to answer! But since the husband’s not here, I’ll go with this one: ‘What surprised or continues to surprise you about your relationship?’

That neither of us wanted kids but are now the proud parents of our two beans;

How similarly we can think and yet how little we can agree on!

That he once convinced me his house was haunted by his grandad’s ghost;

That he agreed to have two cats in the house;

That he’s funnier and more creative than me;

That for all his cynicism, he’s the more tender-hearted, and empathetic one;

That my tough guy cries as much as I do at movies;

That for someone who needs to grow roots, I’ve lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle moving more than six times;

How we can get on each other’s nerves everyday;

How he waits for the perfect time to slip in a pun or cold joke he’s been mentally phrasing;

How he puts up with me;

How he can come home from work and whip up a meal in half an hour while I slog two hours to put together just one dish;

The chemistry between us from the first time we met;

How we argue and pursue our own ways of thinking only to end up meeting at the same point later;

How I knew I would marry him two months into our courtship;

And how eleven years later, we haven’t given up on each other.


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