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New Normal

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This is what the coronavirus looks like under an electron microscope. Looks harmless enough here, like Christmas lights in the middle of May. But in 5 months, it’s been responsible for almost 2.5 million infections and close to 200,000 deaths worldwide. The lives of more than 7 billion people have also been disrupted.

It’s safe to say that life after Covid-19 will not be the same. It shouldn’t, because we won’t be the same. Our time spent in voluntary confinement must surely have prompted us to reevaluate the way we relate to ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, but also to the people who build, deliver, clean, cook, and care for us. What would we have learnt from Covid-19 if not a newfound appreciation for the people we take for granted, and for our own vulnerability.

Two weeks ago, we started work on a new digital emergency kit to help teams working from home address issues like business continuity, personal productivity, team dynamics, etc. We’re launching this resource today right in the middle of the circuit breaker. This purely digital deck is called New Normal (but what is normal anymore, really?). It’s a membership plan that’s originally priced at $10.00 for single users. We’re making it available to you now until the end of the circuit breaker, at zero cost. Just sign up and log in to the Smol Tok website to access the 60 cards in the digideck. It’ll revert to its original price after the circuit breaker ends, on 5 May 2020, so share this far and wide.

Digital decks subscription plan

We’ve also created longer term subscription plans for multiple users in teams and departments to incorporate New Normal into teleconferences and work calls. It might be efficient to Zoom in and get straight to business but how effective would everyone be without making time to intentionally check-in with each other? Meanwhile, we’re digitising the other Smol Tok decks/booster packs and making them accessible under a similar flat-rate membership plan. More on that in May. Until then, keep safe everyone.


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