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Pillow Tok for 2 (Couples)

Pillow Tok for 2 (Couples)


Early getting-to-know-you chats whilst dating felt so magical. Has it been different recently with your partner? Perhaps life gets so busy that we forgot what makes our partner special to us. Are we missing out on how fascinating our partner is? (Re)discover that in meaningful conversations with each other!


Worried about awkwardness? "We need to talk" sounds too serious? The Pillow Tok for 2 set is here to help! Each set comes with 2 play mats (A3 size), 9 Pillow Tok cards and 6 blank cards, designed to create a playful conversation space for you and your partner to explore and reflect.


Find a place that's comfortable and quiet. Set aside at least 45 minutes for this experience. Make it extra nice with your favourite drinks and snacks. Savour the process of getting curious about this person right in front of you.


The play mats come folded in half and packed together with 15 cards in a rigid envelope.


Want to play again? Print your own set of play mats. They could become lovely keepsakes that journal the highs and lows of your relationship.


Curious about the full Pillow Tok deck (60 cards) and the other questions? Check it out here.


Create your own Pillow Tok cards with this slate of 30 blank cards.


Add plastic sleeves to your order and shield your cards from wear and tear.


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